You Have to Read: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, by Bill Bryson

November 4, 2011

 People, listen up.

I feel the need. The need to read.

Please know that every book I recommend I am downright passionate about. This one is no exception.

I read Bill Bryson’s The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid at the recommendation of my dad who kept referring to a character named “Milton Milton” and then cracking up. Clearly I needed to investigate.

It is a memoir of Bryson’s life growing up in the 50′s smack dab in the middle of suburban USA. He looks at all the ridiculousness of that time period (think people picnicking at nuclear bomb testing sites and bragging about their Nimbus 5000 refrigerators) with such an affection that it made me wish I’d been there to see it.

Hilarious content aside, this man can write. Really really write. I kept getting fixated on sentences that were just so perfect and whitty that I could feel my skin turning a delicate shade of emerald green.

And if all that doesn’t convince you, this book contains the single greatest belly flop scene in the history of American literature. That alone is worth a read.

You can also check out this animated excerpt of the book, which shows one of the funniest scenes in the novel.  Enjoy!

What is the funniest book you have ever read?

4 thoughts on “You Have to Read: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, by Bill Bryson

  1. DI

    I read his book about the walk through the mountains – LOVED IT. Bryson is a great writer. I’ll definitely check this one out too!


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