Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer

January 16, 2014


I just finished this book today. It’s an old one and I’m sure many of you have read it, but if you haven’t I definitely recommend it. It is the personal account of a journalist who survived the May 1996 disaster that killed a record number of people on Mt. Everest. This book was not light and easy for me to read–there is a lot of details about climbing technique and the names and places are recorded carefully (Jon climbed Everest as part of a journalism assignment)–but it really took me into a different world. It was fascinating to me what people undergo (endangering their lives aside) to ascend Mt. Everest. After reading this I am 110% sure that climbing Everest is not in my future. But reading about it from my warm bed? That I’m up for!

2 thoughts on “Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer

  1. Allyson Evans

    This book gave me nightmares for weeks! If I don’t stop thinking about it I know it was a good one. I believe it was when we went to Mexico- nightmares mixed of Harry Potter and Mt. Everest.


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