You Have to Read: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

March 8, 2012

Need something awesome to read? Of course you do. In fact, you’ve probably been reduced to reading things like shampoo bottles and that ancient copy of Body for Life you found laying around (you know you’re only reading it to laugh at the spray-tanned “after” pictures that you secretly find inspirational).

Never fear, the green lemon is here.

With a book I wish I could forget about so I could read it again for the first time. But don’t worry. The second time is also good. And the third. And the fourth? I’m not sure. I’ll let you know.

This is a book that shows every angle. A family’s story from the viewpoint of the grandmother, mother and daughter. These are characters you won’t forget.  This is writing you won’t forget. This is a book you should read.

And can we ooh and aah for a minute over this beautiful artwork? It has taken me ages to post it. Possibly because I am intimidated by how utterly perfect I find it. Snarrfish, you are one of the green lemon’s very best friends.

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