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  1. Keri

    As your loving mother I admit to handing down your phobia of the sun (skin cancer). You can blame that on your stylish grandmother, who by the way has reason for her worry. I must tell you that suffering from SAD myself has led me to the tanning booths or the white beaches of the Caribbean most recently, in search of a bit of a lift myself. There is a little bird on my shoulder whispering into my ear that I’m in danger and I need to act my age and quit caring about the pale color of my aging skin. But when I look down at my white gams and think about the new tennis skirt I’ll be sporting at the club next week with all those white women…I just can’t help myself…just this once. And I lay back in the warm sunshine (assuring your dad that “yes I have my sunscreen on!” even if it is only spf8), pull out my nook reader, order a $6 diet coke.
    Goodbye winter blues.

    (P.S. – This is your mother speaking….do not go to tanning booths, and always wear your screen – you know skin cancer runs in the family!)

  2. Anna Blocher-Rubin

    I love your posts. They are so funny!!! The A, B, C, D, DD post was so funny I almost fell out of my chair. The 1/2 marathon, I hope to accomplish one day myself. For now I am sticking with the 5Ks.
    We are heading up to Las Vegas for a day or two as we pass through on a road trip this summer, would you be interested in meeting us there? The kids will be with us.
    Anna Blocher-Rubin

  3. KevinConley

    Found your blog via your Dad’s FB page. Loving your sense of humor. Make your Dad your writing assistant for a summer and write a book on all the crazy things that happen in a young couples marriage.

  4. Rebecca Fox

    This is my first visit to your blog.. courtesy of your dad’s facebook page, and it will not be my last. I find your comments, advice and observations more than hilarious. I was able to identify with everything (with exception to U2, which I enjoy, but with less intensity). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas… it really does help me feel less crazy or at least less alone in my world of crazy thoughts and perceptions of others!

  5. Brenda K.

    Hi Jenna, my husband works with yours and directed me to your blog today. Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs. I’m sure I will keep up in the future!

  6. shadow

    Came across your blog haphazardly a few weeks ago. Love the premise and your writings. This is the kind of blog I always wanted, but could never actually pull off. Your blog name “Green Lemon” actually inspired me to write a little poem you can check out on my site if you are interested.

  7. Anna Blocher-Rubin

    HI Jenna,
    Its been a while, but I am back to reading your blog. Its inspirational that is for sure. The Blocher-Rubins hope all is going well up in Utah! Oh yeah Zoe got to meet your dad, now she wants to read his latest book. So it is on the list of books to read. Ilycia is reading now too. They both like to read. I look forward to more of your posts!

  8. armageddjenn

    Dear Jenna,

    I received a comment from you on my blog in December thanking me for adding the green lemon to my blogroll. I regret that it has taken me this long to return the thanks.

    It was so exciting and inspiring to me to receive a comment, let along a compliment from the very talented offspring of my favorite author! It has been months since I blogged, but re-reading your comment has me feeling inspired again. Hopefully I can be moved to share the things I need to, rather than the things I think others want to read, and maybe provide a little inspiration for others along the way. Thanks for the belly laughs every time I read one of your posts – you’re simply awesome! :)

  9. Sandie

    Jenna – Don’t stop blogging. Actually you’ve gotten me to read a lot more. Besides your dads books – which by the way I can’t get enough of – but he can’t write them fast enough to keep my love of reading fulfilled so I’m finishing The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. Thanks for the insight & keep it coming!
    And maybe put in a good word for your dad to keep writing faster!

  10. Donna

    Jenna~ I absolutely love your blog. Your writings are entertaining, but most of all hilarious! I particularly loved Charles the Home Ec Baby! Makes me remember the pre baby days…good times!! Enjoy them while you can!

  11. Angela

    Let me just say I love your blog!!! I read every post and they were inspiring, hilarious and truly entertaining! I feel like we should meet for coffee as I think we could chat for hours (do note I mean that in a very non-creepy way:) as I think you sound very fun). As a new follower, I will look forward to your future posts!!

  12. Mitchell Lee Hargis

    Hello Jenna! This is Mitchell. I met you on September 11th, during the MV book signing. My dad was the one who got everyone organized the “Elgen Way”. So, I just wanted some feedback because I am writing a new book!
    Sincerely, Mitchell Hargis

  13. LeeAnn Bergeron

    Hi Jenna,

    My name is LeeAnn. I saw your book Love and Gelato advertised a few months ago and ever since I have been dying to read it! I came across your blog today via Goodreads and Im so glad I did! I LOVE it!
    I have decided to start my own Book Blog. Its in the very beginning stages and I haven’t even reviewed my first book yet, but I wanted to offer my help in putting your book out there and doing some ground work for you via Internet and social media. If I can be of any assistance to you please contact me and I would be happy to help in any way I can.

    I am so looking forward to reading your book !
    Thank you, LeeAnn

  14. Jeannette Helvey

    It won’t let me type the captcha correctly on my kindle. Thanks for a great first novel. I just finished it and loved it!!! Have read all of your Dad’s books and admire him so much. Looking forward to your next book.

  15. RaShae Christiansen

    Hey I have a book club meeting tonight and I have been searching for some discussion questions for Love & Gelato. Do you have any available? We would love to be able to talk more deeply about the book, other than bits and pieces that we loved.


  16. Verna

    I finished your book in 2 days….unheard of for me! It was “a breath of fresh air”. The humor was outstanding and the serious content was so heartfelt. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for your next!!!!! No pressure (LOL)!

  17. Verna Bianchi

    I couldn’t put yourdown….finished it in 2 days. The humor was sooooo refreshing and the serious content was so heartfelt. I am so looking forward to your next book!!! No pressure (LOL)!!!

  18. Maddie

    Never have I ever been an avid reader, but as I was searching for a good summer book to bring to the beach, I found Love & Gelato. I’ve never read a book so fast that I was purely interested in! I can’t wait to read it again!! Unfortunately I read it so fast that I have to find another book to take to the beach.


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