The Sexiest Man Alive

November 23, 2011

First things first. This is Ryan.

You’re welcome.

And now for the obvious: WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!

Isn’t it dreamy?

I’ve been a bit absent the last few weeks as we’ve been trying to get this fabulous new design underway. We’re almost there. But I couldn’t wait anymore. I have about 30 post ideas a day and they’re starting to really gum up my brain.

Plus I really feel the blogging world needs my opinion on People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011 nomination. Now, I’m sure this is way more information than you’d really like to have, but I’d have to say that over 94% of all my daydreams consist of me busting some kind of awesome dance moves and wowing everyone around me in a variety of settings (think Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels). The other 6% consist of Ryan Gosling, Taylor Lautner (hair short, shirt off), and Patrick Swayze in the late 1980′s maybe singing “She’s like the Wind…”

Sorry, David. Maybe I won’t tell you about this post.

So imagine my surprise when in the checkout line this week I saw this cover:

Bradley Cooper.


My immediate thought was: It should have been Ryan Gosling, but whatever.

The next day on the radio I heard that many other people had had the exact same thought but simply couldn’t let it go. In fact, groups of people have been protesting outside of People’s magazine’s HQ’s because they think he was robbed.

It was a weird feeling to realize that I am 100% in agreement with a bunch of crazed fans standing around the streets of NYC with Ryan Goseling masks on.

America, I’m completely with you on this.

So what’s your opinion? Who should have won? Cooper? (Said in bored tone to trombone overtones of “wah, wah, wahahahahah”…) OR, Ryan Gosling. You know, the one who was so amazing on The Notebook (banned from our household because David claims it makes me go “crazy.” Whatever.). Or the Ryan Gosling of Crazy, Stupid, Love that did that Dirty Dancing move that would have worked on me lickety split?

Chose the right. I believe in you.

5 thoughts on “The Sexiest Man Alive

  1. Jenn

    Ryan Gosling for sure, if for no other reason than that it would validate the HUGE man-crush that my husband has on him. I’d be jealous except who can blame him? One thing you left out though is that he SINGS too. Dead Man’s Bones. Check ‘em out.

  2. Jacqueline

    Without a doubt, Ryan Gosling! Hmmm…you have some influence…what do you think about him as Alan Christoffersen when The Walk makes it to the big screen?!? =)


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