Changes Are Coming…

October 10, 2011

Hi there.

It’s been awhile. But I have a good reason–its called How My Brain Works, and this is how it shakes out. Ideas generally come to me slow. I get a little spark and then mull it over like wine or something. Okay, I don’t know anything about wine.

But anyway.

I really love writing. And I really love blogging. And I really love hearing from all of you. It’s been amazing to walk into places and meet people who have ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG. People I don’t even know. In fact, I connected with a lovely lady in Missouri last weekend who told me she could told relate to the Kitchen Sink Grope, and it tickled me pink.

But its time for the blog to evolve. Big time.

A few months ago a VERY nice artist contacted me and asked if he could put together some artwork for The Green Lemon. His comment he left was actually:

My wife and I just started reading your blog. Love the subjects you address and the writing style. Looking forward to more. Anytime you feel like you need anything a little more custom than Microsoft Clip Image 427772 to adorn your post let me know. I’d love to pair some of my illustration with your writing. See a wide range of samples on And no, this isn’t spam, I’m not selling anything. I’m sure that if you find the idea the least bit strange, I’ll be reading about it in a future post.

This made me laugh.

So then I went on his blog and really liked what I saw. And he started sending me stuff. And I liked it even more. Long story short, I have a really really wonderful new blog design in the works. My spectacular husband has been clacking away on his nerd box all weekend putting it together and I am really really excited. Here is a little preview…

Can you stand it??

I also realized something else: My daily life is not really echoed in this blog. And while I know I simply won’t be able to refrain from wordy orations on the magic of pulp fiction covers, praying in tanning beds, and my childhood goldfish, I am going to try to bring my focus in a little. This is the stuff I really really love and will be writing a lot about:

  • Books
  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Marriage

And people, its time for me to write more. A lot more. Like daily. I’m not promising anything, but things are about to get crazy up in here. (Yes, that was meant to be gangster.) Particularly because I start a rather intense fitness challenge on Saturday. And I have plans to make 20 gourmet meals in 30 days. I know. These things don’t seem to go together. Or maybe they do.

But the real reason for this post is I wanted to say the following:

THANK YOU so much  for reading my blog. If I knew where you lived I would send you some balloons. And maybe show up in a gorilla costume to sing you the last line of my 137th favorite song:

“Yes, I can tell that we are gonna be friends…”

I won’t be offended if you don’t immediately send me your address.


7 thoughts on “Changes Are Coming…

  1. Andre Kradolfer

    Since you already have my address(Just ask Dave) I wont send it to you. But Just wanted to say in behalf of my wife that she loves your blog! :) Keep up the good work. Did not know how popular you are. Now I can add you to my list of “Famous bloggers that I know”. In fact you are the first person on the list. Congrats! :)

  2. Kris

    You can do it! With the writing and the cooking and the fitness. If nothing else, you could “Julie & Julia” it up and just tell us about your 30 day whatever. :) Your writing style is amusing enough to read whatever it is that you write about.

  3. Matt Haidenthaller

    #1 I have enjoyed reading your blog up to this point and plan to continue doing so.
    #2 What are these 20 meals and do Kimber and I get to partake?
    #3 I am waiting for the gorilla suit!!!!!!

  4. Lori

    So my comment’s kinda right there with Narfdre’s… I work with these guys and they’re like half my Twitter traffic (Well, them and Steve Martin… weird… anyway). Then I get into the office and I hear them talking about things that they tweeted and for a brief minute I feel like I’m eavesdropping on famous people (like Steve Martin, cause he’s on my Twitter, right?) and then I remember that I really need more friends.

    Anyway, I hear “Oh, Dave! Your wife posted a blog post” and then my reader tells me you updated and it’s kinda like my friends are psychic but really, I just need more friends.

    LOVE the new image. Makes me green-lemon with envy.

  5. Brenda K.

    “nerd box” hahaha. I actually had some catching up to do. Now I am caught up, and then i saw that my hubs commented and i almost feel like he’s cheating on me, maybe i should blog about it. So I think i could write some really funny stuff if i were more candid and probably about hubs if he’d let me. For now we’ll just read yours. Ok but im actually a little disappointed that you are narrowing in on a few subjects, although i could probably tie them all back to the ones you listed. I think those are all my present thoughts. Enjoy


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