New Posts Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday!

February 18, 2011

Hi friends,

I am having such a blast with this blog and am SO excited to hear that there are actually people out there reading it! Thanks to all of you who read, comment and link to me. My blog has had several hundred views now and I’m hoping to keep growing!

In an effort to get things a little more consistent I have decided to publish new posts ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so be sure to check in on those days. Upcoming topics are:

Bad Romance Novels, and Why I Aspire to Write One
Baby Shower Games: Good Fun or Hazing?
3 Delicious Egg Breakfasts
Low G.I. Jane: Tales from the Blood Sugar Battlefield
BOOBS: A memoir in vignettes
How to Train for your First 5K (learn from my mistakes)
How to Take the Best Bath of Your Life (complete with bath salts recipe)
How to Tell if The Child You Are Nannying Hates You
The Best Sugar Cookies in the World
Infomercials: Items I Don’t Know How I’m Living Without
Classic Novels You May Actually Enjoy
How to Not Disclose You Are a Facebook Stalker

See you soon…

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