I’m feeling so uninspired!

March 9, 2011

Truly. I have started and partially completed at least 5 posts in the last couple of weeks, and just keep getting stuck. Any words of inspiration?

4 thoughts on “I’m feeling so uninspired!

  1. Miche Barbosa

    Okay so from Jenna Evans I wanna hear all about Italy or any sort of traveling advice, something about exercise to get motivated, more “how to’s”, something about being a good wife (cause you know you and David are still so giddy and cute) and keeping the romance alive, and something on how to make me not feel like a zombie in the morning. I just am not an early riser and want to be! Oh ya and what about on goal setting? I always loved talking about that and getting inspired from your papa. Does that run in the family.

  2. Becky Youkstetter

    I hate this – and I totally relate. Sometimes a stroke of inspiration gets me at odd times. I write down the idea and then chew on it for a few days.

  3. Heather

    What about posting about things you want to do in your life someday that riding in a hot air balloon or something crazy like that?
    BTW, how do you always come up with the perfect pictures for your posts?

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